How to Tell if a Flower is Fresh

How to Tell if a Flower is Fresh

It is no secret that some flower shops sell flowers that are more fresh and longer lasting than others, but not everyone knows how to tell if you are buying the freshest flowers or flowers that are about to expire. Even as florists buying from the wholesalers, we are very particular when selecting flowers to bring into our flower shop. Here are a few tips for consumers to help determine if flowers are fresh. There are four things you need to look for when selecting flowers; the buds, the stems, the leaves, the water and the florist.

The Buds:

The buds should be tight and firm and the petals must have a bright color. Wilting petals. curling petals, transparency and brown edges are all signs that a flower is not fresh.


The Stems:

Fresh flowers have green, sturdy and healthy stems. Flowers that are not fresh have wilted stems that are turning yellow or brown. Check the cut-end of the stem, if it is starting to get soft, it has been a while since it has been cut.

The Leaves:

Look for flowers that have crisp, fresh looking, green leaves. As cut flowers age, the leaves turn yellow and get brown spots and the leaves begin to wilt. If you see wilted leaves, the flowers are very old and will not last long.

The Water:

Water is a very important factor in the life of a cut flower. Bacteria will cause flowers to die and wilt prematurely. Look to ensure the water is fresh and clean and ensure there are no leaves in the water. Flowers in murky water or flowers that have leaves below the water are likely to have a very short life. It is also a good idea to change the water in the vase every three to four days when you get your flowers home.

The Florist:

The other factor that is very important is selecting the right florist. How a florist selects, transports and processes their cut flower will have a huge impact on how long the flowers will last. The more experience a florist has, the more tips and tricks they have picked up along the way and they can ensure they are selling the best quality flowers. Our main florist, Pam, had more than 35 years experience and is a third generation florist. She ensures that we sell only the highest quality flowers. This is why we stand behind our flowers and offer a satisfaction guarantee.

Stop by our family owned shop and you can see the difference for yourself.

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