Plant Themed Gifting Ideas

Plant Themed Gifting Ideas

Fun and Creative Gifting Ideas For The Upcoming Holiday Season

With the weather cooling down it is once again that time of year again, winter is finally here. The silver lining of the frosty weather is that it is holiday season, in other words gift giving season. There are many ways to show your friends and family that you care about them but what better way to express it than with flowers and plants. For all the plant lovers out there, how about plant themed presents? Here we will provide fun plant themed gifting ideas that will be put a smile on the faces of the lucky recipients.

1. Flower Arrangements

You can never go wrong with a good arrangement of blooms. Flower arrangements can be designed in various ways and are a vibrant gift to give a loved-one. You can experiment with colours and variations of flowers. This time of year there are many holiday themed arrangements out there. If you are looking for something a bit more permanent there are also a variety of faux blooms and plants that will also do the trick.

2. House Plants

House plants are the perfect gift, they are a bright addition to any home. Indoor plants can boost your mood, and improve your health. There are many house plants that can be gifted that also require minimal care, such as succulents and cactus plants.

3. Flower Vase

Another great gift to give someone is a flower vase. There are so many varieties to choose from and you can get really creative with them too! There are also many indoor and outdoor options to choose from. The vase can be just as important as the flowers themselves as they are the base in which the flowers are combined and they tie the arrangement together. As well as that they make for a wonderful piece of interior and exterior décor.

4. Floral Skin Care Products

Organic hand made skin care products have become increasingly popular with the world wanting to follow a more natural path. Not only are these products amazing for your skin, but they are also environmentally friendly. A great gift to give someone is the gift of natural skin care. A lot of these products preserve the plant within their product so you can see the flower within. Bath bombs are a good example as this, not to mention natural skincare smells amazing!

5. Candles

Following the gist of natural skincare, natural candles also seem to a trend that has become increasingly popular. There are a number of candles being made with dried flowers and plant-based properties. Again these are environmentally-friendly and are animal cruelty free and are a perfect gift for the holidays.

There are so many plant themed presents to choose from and we hope that we have inspired you with gift ideas to bestow upon your loved-ones and create holiday cheer this season!

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