Tips on Styling A Holiday Table To Kick Off The Winter Festivities

Tips on Styling A Holiday Table To Kick Off The Winter Festivities

With winter finally upon us there is no better way to celebrate than to prepare for the holiday festivities to come. The holidays aren't only a time for get together's and gift giving, but they are also a time to get creative too. Here we will provide you with some inspiration and ideas for styling the perfect festive holiday table to impress your friends and families.

Centre Piece

The key to styling every holiday table is to have a show stopping centre piece. This holiday staple will bring together all of your decorations, whilst setting the theme for your holiday season events.


Having decorative flowers brings a fresh and elegant winter forest touch to the table. There are a variety of seasonal flowers, floral arrangements and natural elements to experiment with, and they do not have to be limited to just your table, but can be used to adorn other areas of your home.


Every table wouldn't be complete without lights to illuminate the table and tie together your decorations. Lights adds a warming touch to your spread, and you can get creative with the types of lights you wish to use. Embellishing the table with Fairy lights and candles is a wonderful addition to any holiday spread.

Place Setting

Polish up your finest china and silverware to serve up to your guests. Find plates and cutlery that will fit the theme of your table and even add in a napkin and napkin ring for that extra element of holiday cheer.

Table Cloth

A good festive tablecloth is the canvas of your holiday table. Finding a decorative cloth that sits well with your spread will complete the holiday table and will make for a great display.

We hope that this has inspired you to create a stylish table to impress your friends and family for the holidays.

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