Valentine's Day Flower Guide

Valentine's Day Flower Guide

What to Buy:

When it comes to Valentine's Day Flowers, the first thing that usually comes to mind is red roses. While red roses are the classic Valentine's Day Flower symbolizing love, there are many other great options. First there are a wide variety of colors of roses that can be given to say I love you. Red, pink, white, peach, lavender, cream and orange are all popular rose colors on Valentine's Day. If you aren't a fan of roses you can always consider tulips, lilies, hydrangeas, orchids, ranunculus, and hyacinths. There are also great flower arrangements and flower boxes you can order too.

Order Early:

Valentine's Day is the single busiest day for flower shops so it is a good idea to place your order early in the day or even a day or two before. Especially if you are looking to have your flowers delivered. Many flower shops can't accommodate same day flower delivery on Valentine's Day after mid-day so call or order your flowers online early. You might also consider sending flowers the day before with a note saying "I couldn't wait to say I love you."

On a Budget?

Consider buying the flowers in-store and delivering them in person. Also, a single long stem red rose is a classic romantic gesture. Pick up a bunch of tulips as they are a cost effective alternative to roses. You can also look at buying a plant and ask the florist to add a red bow or heart decoration.

Don't Forget About Mom:

Any mom would love to receive flowers from their children on Valentine's Day. You can have an arrangement made with a variety of vibrant blooms. It is also a great way to get your children involved if you have young kids.

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