What Makes a Flower Shop Better?

What Makes a Flower Shop Better?

It all starts with the source of the flowers. There are many places that a florist can buy wholesale flowers, and there are many factors that affect the quality, such as where they come from, when they were picked, how they were processed and handled, how they were transported, and much more. We only buy the best quality flowers from the most reputable suppliers. We are also picky on the type of flowers we purchase. There are many inexpensive "filler flowers" available and some shops put a lot of filler flowers in their arrangements to make them look "more full", however, we do not use any filler flowers as it takes away from the look of the arrangement.


Once the flowers are purchased, it is up to the florist to prepare and process them properly. This is where experience matters. Every flower is different and how they are processed makes a huge difference on long they will last. Some flowers like preservative, some don't, some like cold water, some like warm water. There are many different treatments available for different species, but an experienced florist knows what works for different flowers. There are hundreds of factors that will affect the life of a cut flower and the more experience a florist has, the more tricks they have to help improve the quality of cut flowers. At Gardenia Flower Boutique, our main floral designer, Pam, has more than 30 years experience working in the floral industry.

Then it comes down to the design of the arrangements and, like any art, it is not just the materials used, but how it is put together to create a beautiful product. You can see the difference in how our arrangements look. Not all florists can create unique beautiful arrangements, Pam has developed a very unique style of elegant floral design and, that is why our arrangements stand out.

Finally, when you visit Gardenia Flower Boutique, we are not there to just sell you flowers, we want to be your local florist. We truly care about the products we sell and making sure our customers are happy. Our family is here to make sure you are 100% satisfied when you purchase from our store. Stop by our shop in Marda Loop and see the difference for yourself. We look forward to seeing you!

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