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Cire Trudon Candle

Cire Trudon Candle

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Established in 1643, Cire Trudon candles are the ultimate luxury. 

Crafted with an exquisite attention to detail and quality, The Cire Trudon Candles are truly high-end candles.

They are manufactured at the Trudon workshop in Normandy using unrivalled know-how inherited from master candle makers.

Each glass is unique and hand-crafted in Tuscany, their shape inspired by champagne buckets.
Elaborated in partnership with renowned perfumers, all Trudon fragrances are developed with the utmost care and patience.

  • Height: 4.25" (10.5 cm)

  • Diameter: 3.5" (9 cm)

  • Burn time: 55 to 65 hours

  • 9.5 oz (270 g)

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